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Q: I launch The Clock but I do not see it in the Dock?
A: The Clock is a menu bar application. No icon will be visible in the Dock. The first time The Clock is opened, a welcome tour will guide you. When this welcome tour is ended The Clock window will open from your menu bar inviting you to add your first World Clock.
From The Clock 2.7, you can activate the feature to have The Clock icon in the Dock. But this feature is by default disabled.
Q: How to add a New World Clock?
A: Open The Clock window by clicking on The Clock time in the menu bar. Then click on the + button. Select your city and then press the Add button. Or select the result from the list and press return. Or double click on the result from the list.
Q: How to delete a World Clock?
A: Open The Clock window by clicking on The Clock time in the menu bar. Then click on the - button. And press the Delete button on the World Clock you wish to delete.
Q: What is the Anchor button?
A: The Clock window will open when you click on The Clock time in your menu bar or when you open it via keyboard shortcut. The window will close automatically if you click anywhere on your screen. If you wish to keep The Clock window open, while working on another document, simply press the Anchor button. The Clock window will remain open no matter where you click on the screen. To close it, you click again on The Clock time in the menu bar. You can activate/deactivate the Anchor mode simply by clicking on the Anchor button. While activated the Anchor sign will become blue.
Q: What is the Gear button?
A: Click on it, and access to The Clock menu. Access The Clock Preferences, Quit, Back To Time feature and more.
Q: What are these little red-green dots?
A: You must have enabled the Business Hours feature from the preferences. With this feature you can setup the working hours of your contact. Once done you will have have dots (green, orange or red) on the right of the digital time of your world clock. This dots give you information about the right time to call your contact or not. You can enable or disable this feature from the preferences menu.
Q: How to Export/Import my settings?
A: You are doing a clean install of your macOS or you want to have the same The Clock settings across all your Mac. From The Clock 2.7, you can Export/Import your The Clock configuration. Just go to The Clock Preferences, "Backup/Restore" panel.
Q: What are the available keyboard shortcuts?
A: ⌘N - Create a new world clock.
⌘D - Delete a world clock.
⌘B - Open/Close the Back to Time slider.
⌘A - Enable/Disable the Anchor mode.
⌘C - Show/Hide the Calendar.
⌘T - Go back to today date in the calendar.
⌘R - Reset the Take a Break count down.
⌘, - Open the Preferences panel.
⌘Q - Quit The Clock.
Esc - You can use the Esc key to quickly close the different panels. Included Preferences panel, World Clock preferences panel, New world clock panel...

And you can define your own keyboard shortcut to open/close The Clock window.
Q: Why cannot I see the +/- and Anchor buttons?
A: You must have enabled the feature Back to Time slider to be always visible. Just hide the Back to Time slider temporarily, the buttons are under the slider.
Q: How to place The Clock on the right side of the menu bar?
A: I crafted a free add-on, for the customers of The Clock. This add-on is named Barsoom. With this free add-on you will be able to place The Clock, or any menu bar items excatly where you want.
Q: Didn't find the answer to your question?
A: Send me an email. I usually answer within 48 hours.
NB: Since version 2.8, The Clock comes with a full offline user manual. Go to Help > The Clock help.

The Clock 3

The Best World Clock

Requires macOS 10.10 or later

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