the clock

Simple, beautiful, yet powerful

The Clock is a beautiful menu bar world clock with meeting planner, calendar and more.

  • The Clock in your menu bar

    Easily access The Clock from your menu bar or from the Dock.

  • Beautiful, Thoughtful Design

    The Clock lets you choose either a light or dark theme, matching the light and dark themes in Yosemite. Plus, with keyboard shortcuts and a retina-optimized design, the Clock is as beautiful as it is useful.

  • Personal

    The Clock is highly customizable to adapt to your personal taste.

  • Meeting Planner

    The meeting planner has a slider to help you navigate through time, picking a time that works for all people involved. You can check if the proposed time is within business hours for everyone...

  • FREE Bonus

    When you buy The Clock, you can can get the free add-on Barsoom, to rearrange your menu bar items.


Quickly check your internet connection speed

FREE Download

  • Fast

    Quickly check your internet connection speed.

  • Share

    Share your results with your friends.

  • 2 Themes

    Choose between 2 themes.

  • Notifications

    Once the internet connection has been checked, get a notification.


Enter the exclusive club

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seense offer you Barsoom, the magical app to rearrange your menu bar items.

  • Keep control of your menu bar

    Easily rearrange your menu bar icons.

  • Easy and feel familiar

    Hold down command and drag icons in your menu bar to rearrange or remove them.

  • Hide menu bar items

    Hold down command and Right Click icons in your menu bar to access contextual menu to hide them.

  • FREE Add-on

    Barsoom is a Free add-on for The Clock customers and other seense apps...


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