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Meeting Planner
World Clock
Meeting Planner

World Clock

AM/PM or 24Hours.

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow display.

Time offset information.

Change the city name.

Analog or Big Digital clock view.

Show/Hide country name.

Drag & Drop the world clocks to order them.

Beautiful clock face displaying day and night.

Business Hours color indicator…

Meeting Planner

Meeting Planner Slider to navigate through time.

Business Hours indicator to check your contact working hours.

Select a date in the calendar for an accurate Daylight Saving adjustement.

Navigate the months with buttons, keyboard shortchuts, trackpad.

Show/Hide the Calendar.

Show/Hide the weeks number.

Highlight days off.

Follow the system setting for Calendar first day of the week…

More Features

Choose between 2 beautiful themes (Light/Dark).

Keyboard Shortcuts for most common actions.

Backup/Restore your settings (Local, Dropbox).

Anchor button to keep The Clock window floating.

Open The Clock from the menu bar or the Dock.

Break Timer included to help you to Take a Break.

Retina Display Friendly.

Yosemite ready, with new beautiful themes.

One more thing...

Barsoom, Free add-on to keep your menu bar in order

Many of you asked me how to place The Clock on the right side of your menu bar.
Barsoom is the FREE add-on answering to this question.

Get Barsoom and rearrange all your menu bar items in the order you want.
Keep the ordering between restart.

Hold down command & drag icons to Rearrange your menu bar items.
Hold down command & Right click icons to Hide menu bar items.
Remove menu bar items


3 Years of free & wonderful updates.

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