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Advanced Mac system monitor

with Temperature & Fans plugins

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Menubar Stats

MenuBar Stats 2 has been reinvented. Completely re-written from the ground up. MenuBar Stats 2 is composed of modules (CPU, Disk, Network,...). Each module can be seen in your menu bar. Each module can be combined in 1 window, or in a separated window. You can display a concise information, or a maximum of detailed information including graph, top processes and more. Get notifications for your battery health or from other modules. MenuBar Stats 2 has been architectured to add free extra plugins.

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Keep an eye on your CPU consumption, detect the top processes using most of the resources, monitor the load average, and more...


Keep an eye on the Memory status, and detect immediately the top processes using the most of the resources. Clean your memory, and more...


Monitor your Disk usage, eject disks, and more...


Easily monitor your internet connections, select your interface and more...


Your Macbook battery deserve care, the battery module comes with notifications for you to be notified when to plug, or unplug your MagSafe.


MenuBar Stats 2 is built to handle plugins at its core. You can add free plugins such as Temperature and Fans, or develop your own.

Menu bar

Get instant information about the health of your Mac, by looking at your menu bar. All modules can be added to your menu bar. While in combined window mode, all the module icons are embedded in 1 master item (same way as Apple does with macOS stock menu bar items). To rearrange them simply order your items with [shift] Drag & Drop. While in separated mode, you can rearrange your items order with Barsoom (Free app bundle). If you use the Dock mode, you can access your modules directly from the Dock.

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Most of the modules are generating Notifications. Such as for example the Battery module notifying you when to plug or unplug your MagSafe in order to keep your Battery in good shape...

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As explained above, MenuBar Stats 2 has been totally reinvented. It has been re-written with one master guide line, to manage plugins regarding the system monitoring. The 5 basic modules, are actually 5 plugins. You can add extra modules with the MenuBar Stats Plugins Manager. Such as Temperature plugins or Fans plugins.

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MenuBar Stats

an Advanced Mac system monitor

Requires macOS 10.10 or later

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