× Info! MBRA 2 development has ended due to the similar new feature of macOS Sierra.
All MBRA2.5 customers can use their license with Barsoom 2.5 for macOS Sierra, my other app to re-order your menu bar.
See blog for more info.

Download links have been removed.
This page is maintained for archive purpose only.

MenuBar ReArranger 2

Take control of your menu bar

MenuBar ReArranger

You wish to keep your menu bar items in the same order between restart? You wish to arrange them as you want? You would like to hide some of them? You want to add some space between them? Control your apps launch at login ? Have different menu bar arrangement depending on your mood. MenuBar Rearranger provides a neat interface to just do that.

the world clock


Menu Bar

MenuBar ReArranger 2, easily rearrange your menu bar items.

macOS El Capitan

MenuBar ReArranger 2 is compatible from macOS Yosemite to macOS El Capitan.

Retina Display

MenuBar ReArranger 2 graphics are optimised for MacBook Pro with Retina display.


Define profiles for your icons order and automatically change the order as you want.

Behind the Curtain

With “Behind the Curtain” feature, and hide the items you need don't want to see.


Define groups of items in your menu bar and improve the visual of your menu bar.


MenuBar ReArranger 2 can, be used as a launcher for all your menu bar items. Keep tight control of your items launch at login.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Access most of MenuBar ReArranger features from your own keyboard shortcuts.

Try & Buy

Download MenuBar ReArranger 2 and Try it for Free. If you like it then buy a license on seense store. Seense store is powered by the well known FastSpring platform.

MenuBar ReArranger 2

Take control of your menu bar

Requires macOS Yosemite or macOS El Capitan

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