Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Barsoom control the icons?
A: Barsoom, use AppleScript in order to gain control of your items and their position in the menubar. More precisely using what is known as Scripting Additions (osax).
Q: What is Scripting Additions?
A: A scripting addition is a file or bundle that provides AppleScript commands or coercions. A single scripting addition can contain multiple handlers.
A scripting addition provides its services by installing event handlers (for commands) or coercion handlers (for coercions) in an application’s system dispatch tables.
For more details information please visit : AppleScript Overview from Apple or on Wikipedia.
Q: How to activate the Barsoom License with the Bundle?
A: For The Clock (Mac App Store version) or MenuBar Stats (Mac App Store version):
Just have the app running, and Barsoom will automatically be activated.

For the other apps or non Mac App Store version:
    1- Launch Barsoom.
    2- Launch the app you bought part of the Barsoom bundle.
    3- Close the app you bought part of the Barsoom bundle.
    4- Restart Barsoom.
Your Barsoom license is now activated.
Q: I migrated to a new Mac and my license will not activate anymore.
A: The license file generated to activate Barsoom, is linked to your Mac.
If you migrate your old Mac to your new Mac, the Barsoom license file will not be valid anymore.
Open your Terminal and run the following command:

rm -R ~/Library/Group\ Containers/

This will clear the old license file. Then just re-activate the license as described here.
Q: How do I move the icons around?
A: Press the command key, and drag them around. Exactly the same way as you would do with the Apple icons.
Q: What about El Capitan?
A: Barsoom is compatible with El Capitan. But El Capitan new "System Integrity Protection" brings some limitation with the Apple items.
It is not possible anymore to reorder the Apple items, Apple locked down their processes, and the items cannot be controlled anymore while "System Integrity Protection" is enabled.
Seense recommend to keep the "System Integrity Protection" enable, as it is a very good protective feature. Anyhow, if you have disabled it, Barsoom will control the items without any problem.
Q: Didn't find the answer to your question?
A: Send me an email. I usually answer within 48 hours.

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