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Q: How MenuBar ReArranger 2 control the icons?
A: MenuBar ReArranger 2, use AppleScript in order to gain control of your items and their position in the menubar. More precisely using what is known as Scripting Additions (osax).
Q: What is Scripting Additions?
A: A scripting addition is a file or bundle that provides AppleScript commands or coercions. A single scripting addition can contain multiple handlers.
A scripting addition provides its services by installing event handlers (for commands) or coercion handlers (for coercions) in an application’s system dispatch tables.
For more details information please visit : AppleScript Overview from Apple or on Wikipedia.
Q: How MenuBar ReArranger 2 works under the hood?
A: Once launched for the first time, MenuBar ReArranger 2 will ask you to install this Scripting Addition bundle.
After that, MenuBar ReArranger 2 will use this plugin to control your items in the menu bar.
Q: How many Macs can I use MenuBar ReArranger 2 on with my license?
A: A license purchased from the seense Store is for a single user. You can use MenuBar ReArranger 2 on as many Macs as you own. If you want to use MenuBar ReArranger 2 with multiple users on more than one machine, you'll need to purchase additional licenses.
Q: Lost your license?
A: Send me an email, with the e-mail address used to place your order. I will resend you the license by email.
Q: Didn't find the answer to your question?
A: Send me an email. I usually answer within 48 hours.

MenuBar ReArranger 2

Take control of your menu bar

Requires macOS 10.10 or later

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